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Sax WinnerThe Carl J. Saxsenmeier Scholarship Fund

In 2018, the California State Association of Letter Carriers will award twelve Saxsenmeier Scholarships of $1,600.00 each. Children and grandchildren of both active and retired California Letter Carriers are eligible. The winners are selected by a panel of professors from the California State University system.

The State Association is made up of seventy branches. Branch and individual donations are the source of funds to this scholarship. Without these generous contributions this valuable resource would not be available to our students. We realize a few branches have their own scholarship funds. The vast majority do not. By donating to the Saxsenmeier Scholarship Fund, your branch or individual donation will help students achieve their educational goals. As you are aware, college is extremely expensive. Many Saxsenmeier scholars have been the first in their families to attend college.

The current selection period is approaching. Even a small contribution can make a difference, especially if multiplied by the generosity of all Letter Carriers in our State Association.

In Unionism,

Harold Kelso

President, CSALC

2017 Carl J. Saxsenmeier Scholarship Winners

Sodhi Ashleen
Student of Sarbjit Sodhi, Branch 782

Annie Chea
Student of Lip Chea, Branch 1111

Rachel Hirota
Student of David Hirota, Branch 1111

Stanley Lam
Student of Loisa Hui, Branch 1111

Brittany Yip
Student of Steve Yip, Branch 2200

Sumbal Ghafoor
Student of Abdul Ghafoor, Branch 1111

Cassidy Pham
Student of Son Pham, Branch 1100

Daniel Luy
Student of Boris Luy, Branch 133

Alan Bedell
Student of Scott Bedell, Branch 1310

Leslie Thi
Student of Hung Thi, Branch 24

2018 Carl J. Saxsenmeier Scholarship Applications

The application period for the 2018 Carl J. Saxsenmeier Scholarships ended on January 5, 2018. CSALC received 40 application requests. On January 16, 2018, 40 scholarship packets were mailed out. Best of luck to all applicants!

Applications for the 2019 Carl J. Saxsenmeier Scholarships will be available September, 2018.